"Community, Connections, and __________.” is an exploration of human interactions and artistic practice situated in the Saskatoon community. The exhibition is created in response to The Community Project, a multifaceted year-long collaborative initiative by Biofeedback Collective and The Gallery/ Art Placement.

The fill-in-the-blank title encourages exploration upon viewing. The blank area holds space for changing perspectives and developing ideas, similar to how community shifts and grows over time. Conversations, Collectivity, Exchange, Reflection, and Relationships are words that personally resonate with our experiences throughout the project.

The exhibition includes artists who have participated with The Community Project’s Feedback Sessions, Open Studio, and Get Togethers. Our intention was to consider and bring forward the dialogue between artist’s, their works, and the evolving art community. Featuring new and recent works by Alison Norlen, Alexa Hainsworth, Biofeedback Collective, Breanne Bandur, David Stonhouse, Emilie Neudorf, Gabriela Garcia-Luna, Gabby Da Silva, Jessica Morgun, JingLu Zhao, Karen Polowick, Rebecca La Marre, Robert Christie, and Susan Clark.

"Community, Connections, and _____________" was curated by Biofeedback Collective. The show is a culmination of The Community Project, a year-long series of events, gatherings, and activities undertaken by the Collective and art placement, funded by SkArts.